David Stewart : News

Highland MSP reveals Drink Drive figures for Highlands & Islands

Swith On to Safer Roads

Road Safety Week

MSP seeks answers to length of time car has been abandoned on A96

David Stewart MSP wants the late John MacLeod, Inventor of Insulin to be face of new £50 Bank of England note

Speech : Ending Austerity, Poverty and Inequality

Highland MSP reminds constituents that red and purple poppies can be worn together

Carers' Online Survey

Labour MSP welcomes Health Secretary’s announcement

Highlands and Islands MSPs pushes for more protection for Wick flights

David Stewart visits Westminster to talk about fire sprinklers

MSP asks Carers What's next for Carer's Allowance

Access to Medicines : speech

David's Bill to mandate the installation of sprinkler systems in new social housing in Scotland

Speech in the Islands (Scotland) Bill debate

Waiting Times in the NHS

The NHS in Scotland : speech in Scottish Parliament debate

RAF Centenary : speech in Scottish Parliament debate

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP (including Moray) calls for HGV speed increase on A96

Air Quality

 City Region Deals

 Labour MSPs contact the Health Secretary over fears for Argyll GPs’ practice

Sprinklers : David's Scottish Labour conference speech

Scottish Labour conference speech as Shadow Minister for Health

Healthy Weight Strategy : David's speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Islands(Scotland) Bill : David's speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Social Isolation and Loneliness : speech in Scottish Parliament debate

David to Consult on Law To Make Sprinklers Mandatory in All New Social Housing


Speech : Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses Bill

David meets homelessness campaigners in Holyrood Buildings Regulations (Fire Safety) Reducing Flood Risk Across Scotland


Forestry and Land Management


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