David Stewart : HIE campaign

Rhoda Grant and I have contacted every Highlands and Islands based MSP, MP and Councillor asking if they oppose the Scottish Government’s proposal to scrap the HIE board in favour of an overarching joint national board.

People are outraged that the specialist knowledge we have in the Highlands and Islands will be lost to a board sitting in Glasgow or Edinburgh who cannot possibly know the unique needs, logistics and cultures of the Highlands and Islands region.

I said from the start I would oppose any move to wind up the HIE board. I stand by that today and I would hope every other elected representative throughout the Highlands and Islands will stand up and do the same.

Commenting, Rhoda said , “Since John Swinney announced in Parliament on 23 November that the board of HIE would be scrapped and replaced by a new single Scotland-wide board there has been outrage throughout the Highlands and Islands.

It is a wrong decision to take away powers from a region that the present board is there to represent and develop. In addition, creating one board to co-ordinate the activities of four different agencies makes no sense.

Each of these agencies has specialities and specific roles and expecting members of the board to have a full and detailed understanding of all of these disciplines is a huge ask."

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